Se expande la industria de la hospitalidad, como gran oportunidad de desarrollo profesional

The industry of the hospitality goes in growth, and with it the need of the people specializing in personal services that attend to the need of more and more demanding clients and with major economic resources, made sure the director of the British Institute of Butlers of London, the United Kingdom, Gary Williams.

The specialist, who has worked for members of the royalty, the ministers, Russian and Chinese, multimillionaire, musical oligarchs and artists, thought that although there is a boom in the sector of the service, one needs the instruction so that the butlers could specialize.

In this sense, he made sure that Mexico is a big country in which the industry of the hospitality is increasing, and is a big destination for persons with high economic resources, nevertheless, he said, it must take at the following level, with persons who could offer a big service.

Before it, the expert informed that the company Hospitality & Butler and the School of Administration of Institutions (ESDAI) of the Pan-American University (UP), created the foundation “Changing people's lives” (Changing lives), which tries to help young people with low resources in the country, on having offered them of free form diverse training courses in formation of technical level in hospitality services.

“The Mexicans are very friendly and warm, but the specializing people need the industry that it could develop its skills to be able to serve with professionalism, the clients look for persons who could take at another level the industry of the service”, made sure Williams.

Also he said, how part of the specialization in service, it is necessary that the future butlers are provided with other languages, therefore it highlighted the importance of which the Englishman is studied like minimum and manages in an advanced way.

This way, from November 23 until November 27, the foundation offered the first certification, where Williams offered a great class as a whole with the founder of the company Hospitality & Butler, Montserrat Barros.

In the frame of the works of the foundation, Straw hat, Tlaxcala and Coahuila carried out the certification in hospitality and luxurious service, of 80 young people belonging to technical schools of the states of Mexico.

The selection of the young women departed from the best averages of its generation to be present in a free way at this certification, which has a cost for 12 thousand 459.07 pesos, and had a duration of one day and a half.

“I hope that the students should realize that this world is synonymous of opportunities for the people with the suitable skills, nevertheless, they must be formed correctly, since of being like that it is possible to become very successful in this industry”, made sure Williams.

Montserrat Barros expressed in its opportunity that it is a privilege to be able to infect the least privileged people of the passion for the service and the care of the details to be able to go so far as to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated clients.

“To be a part of this project, to offer hardware of the highest world standards, to share knowledge to improve opportunities, to contribute in its value like persons and to change lives, full of pride”, he said.

Barros emphasized to feel honored to help Mexico, with the alliance of The British Butler Institute, on having realized the trainings without cost for persons who less have.

Between the checked subject-matters they were of Hospitality in the highest level; luxurious Service; service Attitude; physical Presence and not verbal language; Anticipation, consistency and care of the small details.

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