Flavors of the East

With the intention of producing a homage to the prestige, antiquity and trajectory of the Lebanese gastronomy, the School of Administration of Institutions (ESDAI) of the Pan-American University, it carried out the annual meal 2016 “Delicacies of Lebanon. The event was carried out in the Lebanese center, to which there came nearly 300 guests who took delight with a meal of four times in charge of the Academy of Gastronomy; every saucer was qualified in an individual way concerning its color, flavor, texture, temperature and presentation.

In whole 103 pupils took part and between the sinodales the chefs were, Daniel Ovadía and Salvador Orozco, Montserrat Barros, founder and director of Hospitality &Butler in Mexico, and Fernando of the Mulberry tree, the director General of Treasury Department of the Mulberry trees.