Gary Williams, Director of the British Butler Institute worldwide

Gary Williams, Director of the British Butler Institute worldwide.Gary Williams started with his formal training at the then-known Ivor Spencer International School for Management of Mayordomy in Dulwich, London. The school was established in 1981 and its Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, commemorated founder Ivor Spencer with the MBE, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace in 2002. Gary Williams founded Quintessentially Butlers, part of Quintessentially Group, the world-leading concierge company, having led a team of three senior executives to take care of a group of Russian oligarchs and their families from an office in Mayfair, London. He was also assigned Chief of Mayordomes at the Brazilian Embassy in London. With all the knowledge in his hands, thanks to his experience developed in the luxury sector, Gary Williams was entrusted by the British Butler Institute to be the leader of the training team as the Director of the institute. This was how it acquired the responsibility to develop the brand with the vision to be the best school in the field of stewardship and services of excellence and expand it worldwide, partnering in different countries to train professionals in the service of excellence and to cover the demands of the most distinguished clients around the world. The British Butler Institute is the only stewardship institute in the world.

"There are four main pillars in the service: Consistency, Advance, Attention to the Little Details and Know Listening."

Gary Williams.