Terms and conditions

On having used this web site, the user accepts the following terms and conditions.


H&B (from now on, "The company") commits itself at the highest level of quality of the information and one does all the possible to keep it updated and precise. Nevertheless, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the information about this web site and does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or disadvantage caused by the confidence in the above mentioned information.

Although the Company takes all the reasonable measures to guarantee that the information that they provide to him third is precise and not slanderous or offensive, it can neither control the content nor assume responsibility for pages maintained by external providers or linked pages.


On having gained access to the information of this web site, the user accepts to be forced by these use Terms and conditions as it is established in this document. This web site contains notices of property and information of copyright, which terms the user accepts to continue.


  1. El user assumes all the responsibility of the protection of its computer system, including the software of hardware and the stored information stored in the above mentioned system, including the software of hardware and the stored information of third that can gain access or be connected to the computer system of the user. The user will assume the responsibility of guaranteeing that the programs or other information received or unburdened of this web site are free of virus, worms, troyanos or other harmful or destructive elements.
  2. The Company will take reasonable measures to guarantee that the information transmitted electronically to the Company across the web site or otherwise and stored by the Company there are not gained access for third not authorized the requisites of the protection Law of Information of 1998. The User accepts the risk of information transmitted electronically to the Company across this web site or they can be intercepted before coming to the Company or can be gained access from the storage of information of the Company for third not authorized by the Company and can be exploited illegally for third not authorized.
  3. The Company does not do declarations as for the safety or quality or property of any web site to which it is possible to gain access across this web site and does not accept responsibility for the content or loss or damage caused or supposedly caused by the use or dependence on the information contained in the above mentioned web sites or goods or services bought there from. The connected web sites to which one gains access across this web site are independent web sites on which the company does not exercise any type of control, be already a financial publishing house or of another type, and they are not endorsed by any means by the company.


  1. La information contained in this web site can contain technical inaccuracies or misprints. The information can change or update without previous notice and any consultation related to the information, including the consultations on its precision, must go to H&B.

Guarantee and responsibility

  1. Toda the available information in this place provides to itself "such a which" only with informative ends and without guarantee of any type, already she is express or implicit, included, between others, the guarantees of not commercialization of rights of property or suitability for a certain end.
  2. The Company does not accept any responsibility for the interception or stays on in the information corruption or for the vagueness or errors that could happen and any responsibility on this matter is excluded as allowed by the law.
  3. In no case the Company will be responsible before the User for no indirect direct damage or another type of damage like result of the use of this Web site or of any other Web site got connected to the Web site by means of a hypertext linkage or otherwise. This will be the case if the above mentioned damage is caused by the transmission from the web site (or a connected web site) to the computer system of the user of worms of virus troyanos or other destructive elements corrupt information or incompatible information with the computer system of the user or of third 'interception or access to information of any nature. "Information" it includes (without limitation) the personal details and the information of credit cards and payments transmitted by the User electronically to the Company or otherwise. The above mentioned damages will include (without limitation) the loss of benefits, the interruption of the commercial loss of the totality or part of a program or programs or any stored information, already be that he keeps in a computer system or otherwise.
  4. The Company does not accept any responsibility as regards the use of the Place on the part of the User, be already for contract, indignation, negligence or nonperformance of the legal duties or of another type.
  5. Nothing in these terms will exclude the responsibility of the Company for death or personal injuries that arise from the negligence of the Company for the agents or contractors of its personnel who result from the use of this web site.
  6. The Company publishes the images and the information in this bona fide web site, but he does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or decency of the same ones. The Company will do all the reasonable efforts to guarantee that all the intellectual property rights are respected and that the information and the images are precise and not slanderous nor offensive.


This web site belongs in all the aspects to the Company. All the rights of intellectual property, included the Rights of the database of copyright and the Rights of the First publication, the registered marks, the technical knowledge, the rights of intellectual or industrial property, included the format, the artistic direction, the aspect and the content that survive in the whole world rest in the Company. Unless the opposite is indicated, none of the information or contents that are in this web site can be reproduced published published distributed or transferred modified or linked to another web site without the express permission in writing of the Director of the Company. Any logotype of mark or another identifiable emblem of the Company will keep on being a property of the Company at all times and neither will be granted there nor will be implied of any form any license or right of use of the same one. The users cannot modify to copy or to distribute the transmission visualization to reproduce the publication license or to create derivative works or to sell any obtained information of this web site. The users can unload information or images for ends deprived of visualization not commercial, unless they are allowed to realize an offer adapted to the goods or required services.


The absence of the Company to make to fulfill any term or condition of the present or of the Conditions of sale will not be considered to be a resignation to the right to make to fulfill the above mentioned term or condition. Jurisdiction

Conditions of payment / cancellations and refunds

Los taxes of the course it is included in the payment of the course of the student. To receive the above mentioned course or product, there is needed the entire payment of the tariff or the product of the course in pertinent line. The tariff of the course in line or the tariff of the product will be paid in advance. All the totals paid for the Courses in line are not refundable under any circumstance and they cannot become famous. Once there has been paid the amount of a course or product in line, this means that the recipient has read and understood the conditions of payment and the cancellation politics.