Montserrat Barros, Founder of Hospitality & Butler

Montserrat Barros, Founder of Hospitality & ButlerHospitality & Butler was founded by Montserrat Barros. Mexican born to whom the passion to enjoy the good service led her to prepare in the best schools of Europe and so be able to inspire and perfect the techniques of service to teach to delight that: Hosts, Guests and Guests always feel special.  The passion of Montserrat for the service, constantly leads her to train in several countries of Europe to bring to Mexico the best techniques and tools in the service of Hospitality. Hospitality and Butler is also the representative in Mexico of the British Butler Institute; the most exclusive Institute of Training in Hospitality and Mayordomy worldwide. Founded in London in 1994 by two gentlemen who worked as stewards at Buckingham Palace and today they have representation in Italy, Greece, China, Thailand, India, Singapore, UAE and Mexico.

"The best way to serve is to sow great experiences with small details."

Montserrat Barros