Gary Williams and the art of being a good butler

met with Gary Williams and Montse Barros is a spectacular experience. The chemistry between the two makes you want to take one of his courses right away, because it gives you the certainty that you will learn about etiquette and good service with the best teachers. And yes.


On this occasion, we meet with both at the Four Seasons in Mexico City to discuss the courses of stewardship throughHospitality & Butler,will be held in our country.

But what is taught in the courses? “We are focused on three main points, which help us to apply in any country with any culture. These are: consistency, anticipation, and the small details. Definitely it is,” explained Montse Barros, Founder of Hospitality & Butler.

Gary Williams will come in November to provide courses of stewardship and protocol.

For her, the passion to offer an excellent service and to teach others to give it is of the utmost importance, for it with their courses looking for both hosts and guests to feel always special.

Today this is the only institute with such an important turn in the world. It was created in 1997 and is currently found in 14 cities, among them, Switzerland, Venice, China, Japan, India, Singapore, and Mexico.

The british butler and director of the British Butler Institute has worked with personalities such as Nicolas Cage, One Direction, Margaret Thatcher and even with royalty.

How does the Hospitality & Butler?

It all started when Montse Barros realized that in Mexico there has been a great business opportunity in this area and decided to create the company Hospitality & Butler to work in collaboration with Gary and the British Butler Institute.

There, courses are offered stewardship and hospitality in our country, because who's better than Gary Williams to share all his knowledge that he has learned during many years of experience.

“Several years ago I took a course in one of the best schools in the world, located in London, the Ivor Spencer International School for Butler Administrators. Ending of study I accepted as a first job to be the head butler at the Ritz hotel in London”, told us about their beginnings.

“My professional career is a bit long, but I can say that I've worked for several celebrities, artists, bands and pop personalities of the royals, among others,” he said.

The passion of Montserrat Barros to offer an excellent service led her to found Hospitality & Butler.

The school's most exclusive stewardship at the global level

Some of the services that are offered are courses that are aimed at staffdirectivo and operating large hotels, boutique hotels, restaurants, special events, embassies, residences or dining halls executives, among others.

Also performed consulting for special made-to-measure, such as training of the service English, Russian, emplatado and buffet, mounts to table, floral arrangements, housekeeping, various details of hospitality, etiquette and protocol.