Tourism goes beyond a beautiful place.

Presently and in spite of the insecurity inherited by an administration pawned in inventing a bloody war, contarrestada for the current government, the Tourism advances in a constant way.

Mexico is finding in the “Industry without chimneys”, a solid support to the National Economy, across the quite Understood Tourism. Nevertheless, also presently, the need (more than expediency), of offering to the tourist service of “Steadfastness in Excellency”, is a topic removed completely from the improvisation.

Now the challenge is to support this growth: a challenge not easy at all!. It is as well as Gary Williams comes to Mexico. But: who is this singular personage? Gary Williams is the Director of the British Institute of Administration of Hospitality and Service for the development of the mark, for the purpose of being the tallest representative of The House of Formation in its field in the whole world.

The British Institute of Administration Hospitality and Service is the only one recognized with this charge in the whole world. Of such luck, with the support of British Butler Institute, it initiates operations in Mexico“Hospitality & Butler”, Mexican company specializing in consultancies and consultancies of hospitality and stewardship; the only one certified in Latin America, focused in the professionalization for the attention of the tourism of high scale. This way, with a new offer of services of training specialized to personnel and consultancy for houses, hotels, spas and executive offices, “Hospitality & Butler” answers to the needs for a market in growth, and that every day demands to give not only the best service and dealing, but major value in the attention to the client. Only in 2015, Mexico registered a new record in the arribo of international tourists, what located it in the Top 10 of the select group of the destinations most visited in the world. Of these tourists, the luxurious travelers are a significant part: persons from 36 to 55 years, who usually travel in couple and spend between 5 thousand and 10 thousand euros for trip and that, in accordance with some studies, to choose a trip destination look principally for extra cost (65 %), continued by good price (18 %), and for a special dealing (14 %). For these reasons, “Hospitality & Butler”, also he announces the starter ofthe first course of hospitality and stewardshipwith more standard high places on a global scale, for an exclusive group of 20 persons. This level of training, which earlier they could only be taken in some places of Europe and Asia, today there are already a reality in Mexico. Due to the big need that exists in Mexico to qualify teams in the excellence in the service, British Butler Insitute and Hospitality & Butler they bring to Mexico the second course of training opened to the public, 5 days of continuous training in the Mexico City (from August 13 to August 15, 2016). Inscriptions opened across 

Nowadays, to choose a nice hotel in a nice place is already not sufficient. If Mexico is competing for this type of travelers it is not only because it has beautiful beaches, magic peoples, and a big cultural offer, but because we offer extra cost in the service. Hence there arises the need to be provided with a company as Hospitality & Butler, Montserrat Barros Directora of the company mentioned. With this beginning of operations, Hospitality & Butler promotes in Mexico a new world service standard, to have the best personal one qualified to 100 %, so that the services of hospitality of high scale have the warmth of a house in a luxurious ambience and sophistication, and that this gives as turned out the best experience of trip that they could have.