Concern of excellence

In addition to providing impeccable service, there are many tasks that an excellent concierge knows how to do.

On the day of a concierge you can go from gastronomic connoisseur to coordinating a private helicopter trip, or from tour guide to coordinator of the anniversary surprise of one of the guests. A concierge never knows what will prepare the day, but one of excellence will always know how to respond to any inconvenience that may arise.

The word Concierge comes from the Latin "nervous", which means "the guardian of the lamps" and was the one in charge of satisfying every wish or request of the royal visits to the palaces.

In France, King Louis XI took up the concept and used it to refer to his trusted staff, who were in charge of satisfying all the demands of his guests at the Royal Palace; But it was not until the year 1500, when the monarchy fell and some refined accommodation sites appeared, that the "concierges" took a new direction and became part of the staff of these places to dedicate themselves to guest care. From 1900 the figure of the concierge became indispensable in high-class hotels, resorts and accommodation companies.

Good service is made up of several elements, and a Concierge of excellence is formed with good example and practice.

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